Current Campaign

Book Drive for 2500 pupils in Kitui



RRCA has worked hand in hand with rural communities in Kitui and our conjoined efforts have led to the development of Kitui’s own rural reading center: RRC Ndiuni.

We plan to purchase the necessary school books needed for primary-level education and install them in RRCA’s very own reading center, creating a central hub for all kids in Kitui to access them, regardless of which school they are from.


  • To raise over 350 curriculum textbooks for nursery, primary and secondary education for various subjects including Mathematics, English, Science, History

  • To improve the quality of education in Ndiuni and other schools in Kitui county

  • To give as many children as possible access to proper reading materials in these resource-deprived areas


The Appeal:

We need your support! As little as $3 can benefit our cause. Help us raise $1000 to give kids like Syonzau help for a better future.


Syonzau Makau is an 8th Grade primary student studying in Ndiuni Primary School, Kitui County. Him and many other children in Kitui face the same problem: they do not have enough text books for their classes.

Syonzau’s parents can’t afford all the books he needs

County governments are virtually unable to create proper structures to facilitate better learning primarily due to insufficient funding.

This has led to poor resources and educational infrastructure with many children in these affected areas unable to obtain the necessary reading materials for even the most basic level of education.

As a result of this, many of these affected communities continue to live in an almost unending cycle of poverty because they lack the proper education for sustainable development.