What We Do


Rural Reading Centers Africa focuses on one goal: advancing individual and community development through establishment of community reading and resource centers.

RRCA works with communities to build and equip reading and resource materials that serve as gateway to information, making available a basic condition for life long knowledge, sovereign decision making and cultural development of the individual and social groups.

In addition, Rural Reading Centers Africa seeks to provide a gateway to information; Advancing individuals and communities’ reading culture and equipping reading and resources centers through the following steps:

  • Providing Infrastructure i.e library space

  • Collecting Resources i.e. books, educational media, computers & educational clips

  • Facilitating community activities and participation i.e reading clubs, lectures, and films.


How are reading centers started?

The reading and resource center should be spear-headed, owned and motivated by COMMUNITY for their own social and economic benefit.

  • RRCA always go through a '“lead person” or group of persons- a lead persons or group of persons take the responsibility to introduce the idea of starting a reading center in their community and spear head the community to take ownership of the reading center.

  • The reading and resource center should serve a catchment area of several villages and at least five schools, primary and secondary.

  • Members of the community should have a capacity and willingness to conduct activities that effectively market the library to the community and ensure its long term sustainability through resource mobilization

  • The community selects a few capable volunteers, to include the lead person/s, to form a committee for routine management of the center

  • The communities decide procedures and requirement for membership without discrimination by age, gender, tribe, clan or nationality.

  • The committee steers members of the community to find space for books, computers and other materials.

Spearheading Activities

Advance Literacy

RRCA encourages adult learning and leisure reading for school going children by working with schools to establish clubs and storytelling sessions for small preschool children.

Encourage Youth Learning

RRCA encourages youth learning by making Rural Reading Centers as friendly as possible through availing books for training in vocational skills, substance and drug abuse sensitization, leadership and mentorship programs, and entrepreneurship.

RRCA hopes to reverse the unemployment trend, especially in rural areas.

Encourage development dialogue

By tutors and educational clips, rural communities solve pressing social, economic, health, farming and education challenges.

Facilitate partnerships

Working with government and like*minded institutions, RRCA helps identify ways that can contribute to achieving local development goals, as well as increasing the ability of key community sections to serve their communities through collaborations.